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Keeping Baby Happy & Healthy

Here at Baby Changing Stations, our mission is to provide the best possible baby changing table at the best possible price. We're not just business people, we're parents and grandparents also, and we stock and sell only the baby changing stations that we feel confident using for our own children.

When deciding which baby changing tables to add to our selection, we look at a number of criteria. Is the baby changing station well built and sturdy? Is it designed to hold far more weight than it will ever be required to hold? We're entrusting the safety of our babies to its construction, and we won't cut corners where they're concerned.

Is the station designed for full and complete cleaning, providing a hygienic work surface that protects from harmful bacteria? Is it constructed to prevent painful pinches and scrapes?

When you buy from us, you can rely on a selection that features only the best changing stations from the best brands at the best prices. Need help with your selection? Get in touch with us. We're only a phone call or email away. We'd love to chat. Careful, though, we've got lots of baby pictures we might want to show you!

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Selecting a Baby Changing Station

Some things to consider when choosing a baby changing station:

[1] A baby changing table may be wall mounted, either recessed into the wall, or surface mounted.

[2] Baby changing stations can unfold either horizontally or vertically.

[3] Horizontal baby changing tables are the most frequently found style in public bathrooms, and are generally considered the easiest style to work with.

[4] Vertical changing stations are less frequently encountered and are usually installed in areas with limited available wall space. They are, however, available in a wide range of options, including recessed and surface mounted, with both plastic and stainless steel construction.

[5] Another configuration and the least frequently seen, is the oval baby station.  This is generally considered a more stylish option, and is usually found in more design conscious locales.  Koala Kare is one of only two manufacturers which offer an oval design.   

[6] Commercial baby changing stations are typically constructed of either stainless steel or high density polyethylene plastic.

[7] Buy trusted brands whose products will provide years of reliable service.  Brands like Koala Bear Kare, Brocar and American Specialties all offer quality changing stations. You'll find those and others right here at prices that are sure to please.